- From One Hand to Another -

Inspired by Nature.

- Hand - Drawn -

Make it Noteworthy.

- Keep -

Unbearably Cute

- Inspiration -

Keep Soaring

You are Golden

- bespoke patterns -

Repeat what you love

-Celebrate your Spots-

- Woodland wonders -

- all natural -

- Discover Your Inner Treasure -

-A Field Study -

- Surface Patterns -

Introducing thoughtfully considered nature-inspired collections that feel timeless, soothing, dreamy & nostalgic.

Jacqueline’s signature style layers raw textures and motifs with a vintage appeal in a refined and dynamic way. Her use of earthy tones, textured totals and a neutral palette is bound to soothe.

As in nature, her signature hand-drawn illustrations come in all varieties of shapes, colors and sizes and can be used in many applications. Create bespoke or rifle through our vast collection of versatile, modern, minimal, charming and sophisticated designs that appeal to both grown ups and lil’ ones.

Jacqueline's original hand-drawn surface design and illustrations are available for licensing agreements. 

Featured is a sampling of her selected works.  A full catalog can be explored together and furnished upon request. 

Let’s meet in the field.

Thank you.

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